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Biancolatte was established in 2007 by a very close-knit family, which is also very fond of food...


This family’s desire was to make a cozy and authentic place, where everybody could be happy and feel like home!


So it happened that Mom drew the first logo to show everyone the right philosophy.


“How beautiful are the 3 teaspoons!” - exclaimed one of her two girls, the one with a passion for cooking...


“We’ll call it BIANCOLATTE!” - said the other daughter, who has a passion for image and details.


And so it was that Andrea Rossini... a talented young architect, was asked to help making this dream come true: “It has not to be a classic bar or restaurant, we want it to be a home...”

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We needed to find a place that could be welcoming as an old dairy shop but with a modern design. We found a former hairdresser studio... it seemed to be the perfect set!!


Biancolatte opened its doors on June 5, 2008, with our COFFEE and ICE CREAM COFFEE


Later that year in September we opened the restaurant, called LA LATTERIA (the dairy shop). Our “home” was ready to welcome guests for lunch and dinner!


The success was huge, and people were standing in longer and longer queues. This filled us with happiness... but we soon realized that there was no room enough to sit all our customers.


One fine day in 2010 our father said something very wise: “We need to grow larger”... and so Biancolatte doubled its size. We added a SHOP to let everyone take home a piece of Biancolatte.


People from all over the world kept saying: “Biancolatte is perfect for my country.” “Everybody can feel at home at Biancolatte!” said Ludovica, “we should export it!” That is how the project to bring Biancolatte all over the world was born. It is a very ambitious project, but we all know that dreams are the substance of every great achievement!