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Having a good breakfast is the best way to start the day! Every morning Biancolatte offers a great selection of delicious just-baked products, including homemade cakes, cookies, muffins, croissants ... a sweet way to wish you a good day!


The ideal lunch should be nourishing but light. At Biancolatte you can find pastas, mains, soups, salads, piadinas, and fancy dishes carefully prepared in our open kitchen..


Biancolatte is ideal for those who want to taste an authentic Italian dinner experience in a warm candlelight atmosphere. A great place for couples, families, friends, or just to enjoy an after-dinner dessert.


Every morning at Biancolatte’s open lab, we make an exquisite healthy trans-fat-free ice cream. Our gelato is the perfect tasty snack, a nourishing quick lunch or a great after-dinner dessert.


Try to imagine a fabulous place where every morning pastry chefs churn out extraordinary pastries from family recipes. The smell of homemade cakes and cookies will lure you and your friends to try them!


At Biancolatte savory goodies are a real temptation, but they are also fresh and genuine. Whether you are in a hurry just to grasp a delicious snack at the bar or you can comfortably have a sit for lunch ordinner, you'll definitely love our recipes!


White as milk... Milk means something genuine, and reminds us of our childhood. Biancolatte’s philosophy is based on the concepts of family and home. Learn more about the story of Biancolatte.


Come and see our wonderful SHOP! You will find a whole array of Biancolatte’s items to buy, ranging from food (cakes, chocolate, biscuits, jam, coffee) to beautiful gifts (tableware, paintings, bags, candles and many more).

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